Photo Credits

January 22, 2017

This page contains photo credits for those photos used on the site where it was not possible to include a photo credit with the picture due to the way the photo was used. All photos on this site use Creative Commons photos, with varying levels of copyright, though all are able to be used freely, at no charge, and some require attribution.

For information for photos and images created by Thora Toft, click here.

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"Eat Real" Quick Start Guide Book Cover on Home page
  • Cherry tomatoes, red bowl, Himalayan salt - Image by Michael Stern
Background image on Home page, behind Educate / Plan / Cook section
  • Lettuce, limes, green onions on cutting board - Image by Conger Designs
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Images in Lower Section on Home page
Images in Food Labels / Ingredient Types / Ingredients Boxes on Educate page
  • Grocery store aisle with cereal - Image by mroach
  • Colored vials on dark background - Image by Mario Goebbels
  • Spilled white powder in glass jar - Image by Kaboompics
Images in Grocery Shopping / Kick It Up a Notch / Eating Out Boxes on Plan page
Images in Tips and Tricks / Special Diets / Recipes Boxes on Cook page
Logos used on Index page of the Special Diets section